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Learn how to draw manga with this huge, illustrated and unique book. Manga's popularity continues to grow, and interest in learning how to draw this excellent genre of comics does too. This book is the definitive guide to illustration: 378 pages of manga lessons divided into sections, each of which focuses on the most popular characters and themes: girls, samurai, monsters and more! The drawing process of each illustration has been broken down into six phases, with step-by-step illustrations that take the artist from the first black and white sketches to the final colour illustration, and give practical advice, ideas and suggestions.

  • Pub date: February 2024
  • 240 x 220 mm
  • 378 pages
  • Softcover
  • ISBN: 978 84 9936 625 8
  • 1,5 kg

"Where the sun kisses the sea, and beats echo through the night, Ibiza whispers tales of freedom and enchantment, inviting all to dance under its starlit spell." IBIZA