Natural Ligth Spaces

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Natural light is a fundamental element of architecture & interior design. It is concerned with the creative and sometimes spiritual interaction between the man-made and the natural worlds. It illuminates and animates.
Interior designers and architects through the ages have preoccupied themselves with how to transform natural light itself into a building material.
Seen through the eyes of a decorator, this book considers the many effects of natural illumination in contemporary interior design. The volume begins with a brief introduction followed by a series of chapters dedicated to all rooms in a house.

  • Publication Date: 2019
  • 25 x 29 cm 9.8 x 11.4 in
  • Interiors
  • 336 pages
  • 400 colorful images
  • ISBN EN: 978-84-9936-909-9
  • 3 kg

Explore the world of interior design and architecture through the unique perspective of Daniela Santos, our experienced editor specializing in interior design. With a strong career and a passion for lifestyle, Daniela has crafted a captivating collection of books that inspire and transform spaces.

"Natural light spaces in the realm of interior design are like a breath of fresh air, bringing the outdoors inside and creating a harmonious connection with the environment."