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Architecture is an art, the art of creating space, of creating emptiness from fullness. Where the process is as important as the result. Architecture must be contextual, but in the broadest sense: geographical - from the micro-place to the cosmos-historical, cultural... A project must leave an "enriched" place after its construction. The architect shapes matter as an extension of nature by means of geometry as a link between tangible reality and the world of ideas. Architecture must be aesthetically desirable, constructively reasonable and socially justifiable. Architecture has to function, to respond to needs within economic and social parameters, to use all possible techniques, but never as an end in itself, but as a means to achieve higher goals. Our job is to build exterior spaces so that people can come into contact with their interior space.

  • Publication Date: March 2024
  • 26 x 26 cm
  • Hardcover PLC
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 978 84 9936 630 2

Explore the world of interior design and architecture through the unique perspective of Daniela Santos, our experienced editor specializing in interior design. With a strong career and a passion for lifestyle, Daniela has crafted a captivating collection of books that inspire and transform spaces.

"Architecture is an art, the art of creating space, of creating emptiness from fullness" - Patrick Genard

"This book is a celebration of the Architecture & Interior Design spirit, destined to inspire and motivate readers"

"If our project is not going to enrich the place with its presence, evoke emotion, or have a social justification, I prefer not to carry it out."

Patrick Genard