Raw Interiors

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Houses that present themselves as a refuge and contribute to creating a break in the accelerated pace of modern life. Such are the creations that designers and architects from different parts of the world present in this book that features projects inspired in wabi sabi. The contemplative gaze of this aesthetic current originating in Japan expands to all geographies. Under its lens, the passage of time, evident textures, natural materials and hues that call for calmness take on value.

  • Publication Date: June 2023
  • 24 x 27,8 cm 9.4 x 11 in
  • Interiors
  • 336 pages
  • 330 colorfull images
  • ISBN EN: 978-84-9936-685-2
  • 3 kg

Explore the world of interior design and architecture through the unique perspective of Daniela Santos, our experienced editor specializing in interior design. With a strong career and a passion for lifestyle, Daniela has crafted a captivating collection of books that inspire and transform spaces.

"Raw interiors are the blank pages where creativity and character intertwine to tell a unique and captivating story of space."