The New Rural

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To the reconquest of infinite spaces. This is the option of the new rural, a way of life that has come to stay, paradoxically possible thanks to technology, Internet and remote work. We are living at a time when the city is becoming too small and does not satisfy us at all, due to costs, square meters, and various sacrifices that result in a poorer quality of life. In the urban world, going to the countryside has always been an ideal escape to the good life, and today it is more possible than ever. The book The New Rural, Living Within Nature shows the interior design of some thirty houses in a rural environment. New houses, converted spaces or rehabilitations, which ensure maximum comfort to their inhabitants without giving up the comforts of modern life while making the most of the close link with nature .

  • Publication Date: April 2023
  • 25 x 29 cm - 9.8 x 11.4 in
  • Hardcover
  • Pages: 280
  • ISBN:978 84 9936 644 9

Explore the world of interior design and architecture through the unique perspective of Daniela Santos, our experienced editor specializing in interior design. With a strong career and a passion for lifestyle, Daniela has crafted a captivating collection of books that inspire and transform spaces.

"Architecture and interior design weave a tapestry that harmonizes modern living with the soulful simplicity of the countryside"

An essential addition to any bookshelf, 'The New Rural' redefines our connection to the land."

Interior Design Magazine

"This book is a celebration of the rural spirit, destined to inspire and captivate readers"