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Step into the enchanting world of 'Wood,' a captivating collection of 30 architectural and interior design studies that embrace the timeless allure of wood. As you leaf through these pages, you'll embark on a journey where each project exudes a warm, inviting, and utterly cozy ambiance. From the rustic charm of log cabins nestled amidst towering pines to the modern elegance of wooden retreats with plush furnishings, 'Wood' transports you to spaces where the gentle embrace of wood evokes a sense of comfort and tranquility. Discover how architects and designers have harnessed the innate coziness of wood to craft environments that beckon you to unwind, relax, and savor the soothing embrace of natural beauty.
  • 25 x 29 cm - 
  • Hardcover 
  • 300 Pages
  • ISBN: 978 84 9936 629 6
  • 2,5 kg

David Andreu, a renowned Spanish editor and designer, is a master in creating books on architecture and interior design. With a distinguished career, his work stands out for its ability to merge informative content with exceptional visual design, making each publication both educational and aesthetically enriching.

"Wooden interiors weave warmth and character into every space, turning houses into homes and creating a timeless embrace of nature's beauty within our walls."